For many of us, the last few years have been stressful and even traumatic. Our BBG 2022 Journey helps you week by week to work through the 6 Building Blocks to strengthen your resilience factors. But there is more! The journal allows you to draw, doodle, write, click on QR codes to view videos and listen to podcasts. Learn about the Small Powerful things we can do to bring us the power to bounce back! Check back monthly for more pages! If you would like to order the physical book you can get a free hoodie while supplies last. Your purchase helps us as a nonprofit to continue to provide social emotional learning tools to our most vulnerable communities.


My Journey 2022 Journal includes the BBG 6 Building Blocks for Resilience and other tools, videos, and even podcast links to support your 2022 journey to Resilience.

July My 2022 Journey - Journal Pages