Resilience building for the community, by the community.

We have recently launched, our video channel with videos “by the community, for the community”. These short, fun, and authentic glimpses into individual’s lives and coping tools reveal the simple ways we can build resilience, on a daily basis, starting where we are.

I love this video Angelica and I made together showing how she and her kids take the time to leave worries and "stuff I gotta do" behind to just enjoy the day. Public housing life can be very stressful but there are moments of beauty and calm that we can celebrate.

Our community members reflect the lives of those who are highly impacted by the pandemic, experience racial and generational trauma, yet often lack the time and resources to address their need for self-care and resilience building activities. Bounce Back Generation has intentionally created a nonprofit space where the focus is on community, not selling. We believe the answer to many of our calls for health and healing can be found in our own communities.

Like many of us, Micah is trying to figure out how to manage anxiety and high stress levels. This funny video is his way of saying "it's OK to ask for help!"

Today, our communities can be enhanced and connected online through sharing videos and social media. We continue to offer real time, live (and soon in person) training and group meetings. But for so many of us, we need help and support on demand by people who feel like us, look like us, have the same resources we do and understand the traumas we have experienced. This is the mission of Bounce Back Generation and - to deliver messages of hope, healing, and celebrate the inner resilience of our most historically oppressed communities to the forefront. We know that true resilience lies inside the communities we serve through every day moments of gratitude, connection, coping tools, and storytelling.

Ren, a college student captured this short #feelgood15 to express her feelings of comfort and relief to come home again.

Please visit, follow us on Social Media and become part of our resilience-building community. Share your stories at to Feel Good. Learn More. Bounce Back.

- Jennifer

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