How to manage your child's tantrums (and your own)

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Like most of us during the pandemic being at home together for long periods of time is giving us cabin fever. This has led to a common theme in my house. Either my son, or I, are having a tantrum. He's tired of being home all the time and nothing to do, not being "normal" - and I'm tired of the same thing. So he will tantrum about not wanting to do homework, I will about the dishes in the sink and the never ending pile of laundry (where does it come from, we don't go anywhere!).

BBG community filmmaker Micah is a single dad and shares custody of his daughter Mileesa, who is 6. His calm and loving approach to how to manage a tantrum is something I will try to model. Maybe my son can calm me down too when I freak out because the dishes have piled up in the sink, again.

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