How to manage your child's tantrums (and your own!)

Like so many of us during the pandemic, being at home together for long periods of time has given me cabin fever. This has led to a common occurrence in my house: either my son or I have tantrums. He's tired of being home all the time with nothing to do and not being "normal" - and so am I. His tantrums usually involve not wanting to do homework, and mine are about the dishes in the sink and the never ending pile of laundry (I'm left wondering, where does it come from?! We don't go anywhere!).

BBG community filmmaker Micah is a single dad and shares custody of his daughter Mileesa, who is 6. His calm and loving approach to how to manage a tantrum is something I will try to model when my son and I are in our tantrum zones. Maybe my son can calm me down too when I freak out because the dishes have piled up in the sink ...again.