Building Resilience at Work

Times Have Changed – What Worked in the Past is No Longer Enough

The “New Normal” is far from the "normal" we used to know. As leaders, caregivers, and workers we are dealing with many new and uncharted challenges to keep ourselves and our teams motivated and inspired, feeling supported and heard, and being productive.

I recently heard a phrase that hit the nail on the head: "We live in a VUCA world".





On top of this "VUCA" acronym is the accumulated baggage most of us carry from childhood, ongoing anxiety, emotional triggers, and the responsibilities some of us carrying on our shoulders (sometimes all by ourselves) for elderly parents and children. As they all build up, and as we navigate this new and not-so-normal normal, now is the time to ask for help.

At BBG we are applying our resilience-building efforts in full force as we shift from a "high contact" organization doing workshops and offering hands on help for parents, educators, and organizations - to working from home and behind a screen.

The pandemic showed us we must pay attention to our feeling selves. All of us can be affected by trauma and/or ongoing stress including our bosses and co-workers. We know that our minds are affected by stress. We know our bodies are impacted. We know we cannot push it away and tell ourselves to "bear it" and everything will be OK.

We ignore the neurologic research on the effects of trauma and chronic stress at our peril. In order to get the best work out of ourselves and our teams, we must care about our inner lives, where motivation and creativity are born.

It's suddenly old-fashioned and unproductive to ignore the Mind-Body and Stress connection and its impacts on our work lives.

If you need help, BBG has teamed up with corporate coaching team Opportu to bring executive and team building resilience training to your organization.

To learn more please review our training information and learn more here about our Resilience Building Strategies for work, school, and other organizations.

Opportu & BBG Resilience Program Summary
Download • 18.12MB

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