Community Learning Events

Our Community Learning Events use GroupMind an easy user-friendly tool that allows discussion, surveys, creative input, and planning in real-time.


You will hop onto Zoom and click a link and be navigated to a page that allows you to anonymously (if you chose) provide your thoughts and feelings on a subject during the teaching.


Unlike typical webinars, GroupMind allows BBG staff and others to respond to thoughts, feelings, and questions while you are in the session.

GroupMind is used by companies and universities to make online learning more fun and interactive.
  • Splash of Resilience

    For Educators & Caregivers
    • Learn how to Manage Your Own Stress
    • Understanding Child Development & Chronic Stress
    • The Brain and Body Remember Toxic Stress & Trauma
    • Community of Resilience Builders (Roadmap to Resilience)
    • Envisioning a Bounce Back Generation, realized.
    • Revealing your Resilience Superhero Story
  • Sensing Resilience

    How Awareness of Our Bodies Can Help us Bounce Back
    Valid for one month
    • What is Resilience & Why We Need It
    • Addressing Triggers and Dysfunction at Work
    • Trauma-Informed Systems and Your Bottom Line
    • De-Escalating Volatility
    • Creating the Workplace for the Post-Pandemic Economy
  • Resilience Builder

    Every month
    Support our work to build resilience for vulnerable kids
    • Resilience Training for the Classroom
    • Your membership helps us offer free or low cost training
    • The 6 Building Blocks for Resilience and online support
    • We also train educators in Resilience-Building
  • Consulting Fee

    Our consulting fee starts at $99 per hour.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Organizational Peer Training