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BBGTV is a service of Bounce Back Generation a nonprofit providing teaching tools to build resilience to toxic stress, trauma, and childhood adversity. 

It's not about whether we will get knocked down,

it's about how we bounce back.


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Stories for the community,

by the Community

and the community is you.



Take a 15-second feel-good break to feel calm, inspired, grateful, or distracted. 

Healthy Food

Cooking Can-Do

If we can cook you can too! Cooking as a coping tool & confidence builder.


For You

Want to understand your own trauma, help someone through theirs, or bring resilience to work? Tailored information and quizzes here.



Watch to get a word of encouragement for all who need it, especially the world's helpers.

Coping Skills

Coping Skills

There are many ways to cope, some of them might be new to you. Find out more here.


Our Stories

When we tell our own stories we own what happened to us and we share our resilience with others. Watch our stories. 

BBGTV's videos come from our peer leaders, residents of the Potrero Hill public housing site in San Francisco, and other members of Bounce Back Generation - the nonprofit behind BBGTV. If you would like to add your video stories, learn more here.

We hope to inspire you by sharing what we are doing to get through hard times, handle our stress, and address the adversities. A Resilience-Builder is anyone who seeks to heal themselves and then pass along the support, skills, and fellowship that has helped. That's how we become the Bounce Back Generation.




Can taking a 15-second time-out to feel good make a difference in our stress level?

These short 15 second videos show how we can find small moments to feel calm, get inspired, feel gratitude, or just get distracted for a few moments.

These moments we call "small, powerful things".

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BBGTV provides ongoing support for our workshop participants who want to continue on their resilience-building journey.

BBGTV is part of Bounce Back Generation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals, families, and organizations bounce back from toxic stress and trauma by building and sharing practical tools for resilience.

We provide ongoing classes, workshops, and training opportunities for individuals, educators, nonprofit, and business entities. Find out more. 

Our daily pick-me-up
from our community to you.

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Coping with COVID

Watch videos of how we cope.

We stretch food pantry goods, find ways to relax, cook, do art projects, and check-in on those in need. How are you getting by? 

Share your story with us here.


The 6 Building Blocks for Resilience