Cooking, Coping & Can-do

Stress relief doesn't always mean meditation and yoga (though both are great) - doing stuff you're good at and gives you joy is a coping skill. Cooking is a popular activity because it has so many Resilience-building benefits. 

Cooking Videos

Protection: Healthy eating is protective of our good health.
Supportive Relationship: Eating together helps build connection.
Can-Do: When you do something you're good at or you build confidence. 
Belonging: A great way to create a sense of community belonging and fellowship is through community meal sharing. 

We aren't professional chefs but we know how to cook and eat. Food is protective, encourages relationships, supports us feeling good, builds confidence, is a way to socialize and the best place to tell a story. 

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#BBR3Coping Skills & BBR4CanDo


Positive Coping Skills

Coping skills that make you feel good today and even better tomorrow are the best! Watch for some new ideas.


A big part of feeling resilient is knowing you will be able to handle what comes your way. Can-do means you practice things you are good at to build confidence. Coping skills are the ways in which you recover from stress. Watch these videos for ideas and inspiration.

These arts videos not only challenge us to use our creative energies they also teach about the 6 Building Blocks. Try these and the cooking videos with the kids!

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