Building resilience is about managing everyday stress with a set of coping skills. Take a 15-second feel-good break to feel calm, inspired, or grateful--and build your resilience muscles!


Angelica's Gentle Waves and Deep Breaths

Angelica finds resilience in the simple things: she suggests taking a walk in the gentle waves and warming your toes in the sand.

Jennifer's Go-To Pandemic Feel-Good Spot

Jennifer finds beauty, and escape from pandemic life, in the Port of Oakland, California on a shimmering winter evening. Where's your go-to feel-good spot?

Micah Cooking with His Daughter

For Micah, cooking with his daughter helps him relax and build resilience.

Niesha Exploring Community Art

Join Niesha as she takes us around Oakland and San Francisco to explore and admire community expression in the form of public art.