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Our Resilience Journey

Bounce Back Generation began in 2009 in a public housing site in San Francisco, California. Our charge was to "do something to help the kids". Back then we were called Healthy Generations Project and we were just learning about the impact of toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on kids in our neighborhood.


Leaders in the community stepped forward to help and became part of our peer staff and training program. Every morning Community Health Leaders walked children to school. In the evenings we cooked a community dinner where kids were the focus. After dinner, we did fun social-emotional and literacy games as families, together. During the afternoons, we provided workshops for caring community members who wanted to improve their neighborhood's response to trauma. We were proving that when you provide the 6 Building Blocks for Resilience to as many areas of community life, people can heal and thrive (please visit our parent site bouncebackgeneration.org to learn more about the science and reports on the efficacy of our resilience-building programs). 

Then the pandemic hit


How would we bounce back?

We were all driven indoors and 6 feet apart. But we were eager to continue to offer support to our families. We wanted to share our experiences at home, managing distance learning, cooking at home, and trying to keep ourselves and our children engaged and positive. Homemade videos and online workshops and comforting "support spaces" evolved. The result can be found here.

Today, we continue to create video content and training "by the community, for the community". Our Youtube Channel has grown and our online (and in-person soon!) are part of our Bounce Back story. 

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How to use our products & services

We provide our products and services at no charge to our target communities in as many ways as possible, through this website, social media, free downloads, and free presentations. We ask that you share our concepts and tools!
However, our works are copyrighted and therefore not available to be used as training materials or in any way that violates copyright laws. Thank you.